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WP7 / Azure Quickstarts

The WP7 / Azure Quickstarts are starter Windows Phone 7 application templates that also make use of the Windows Azure platform. The Windows Azure platform can provide valuable functionality to a Windows Phone 7 app such as online storage, federated security, integration & communication, collaboration, and reference data.

These quickstarts make use of the Windows Phone 7 Toolkit for Windows Azure, which can be downloaded here:

Currently, the WP7 / Azure Quickstarts include the following:
  • Corporate Directory Viewer (toolkit compatibility: 1.2)
  • Next Event App for a User Group (no toolkit dependency)
  • Locator (toolkit compatibility: 1.1)
  • WP7 Facebook (no toolkit dependency)

Corporate Directory Viewer

A corporate directory viewer, with a list view and a photo view. You can call or email a person by clicking on the appropriate action button.

Windows Azure Table Storage holds the information for each person (last name, first name, phone, email, location, etc.).

Windows Azure Blob Storage holds the images for each person.

Contributor: David Pallmann (dpallmann), Neudesic, Windows Azure MVP

WP7_Directory_01.png WP7_Directory_02.png

Next Event App for a User Group

This application provides information for members of a User Group to see what is coming up in their Next Meeting. This app demonstrates some Windows Phone techniques for integrating with Windows Azure Blob storage, without having other server-side infrastructure, and without requiring that Azure storage keys be available on the Windows Phone device. The blob storage is loaded (and cached) by the Windows Phone app, demonstrating how to access blob metadata from the phone through HTTP headers, caching data in isolated storage, and updating. The metadata and blob content retrieved are displayed in several ways, including in a web browser control that loads from isolated storage (in case you are offline), and an address provided through metadata is geocoded and shown on a Bing map.

Contributor: Bill Wilder (codingoutloud), Windows Azure MVP



An app for locating nearby items of interest. The sample implementation is for public restrooms, but you can adapt to any kind of location-based resource.

Windows Azure Table Storage holds the information for each item (in this case a public restroom).

Windows Azure Blob Storage holds the images for each public restroom.

Contributor: Michael S. Collier (mcollier), ), Neudesic, Windows Azure MVP


WP7 Facebook

This Facebook sample builds off of the Facebook C# SDK and the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7. The sample shows you how to allow a Facebook application to read data from a logged in user and then send the user data to a Message Queue in Windows Azure. From there you can pick up the queue message with a worker role and then insert the data into a SQL Azure database, tables storage, or blob storage, your choice.

Contributor: Jim Zimmerman (jimzim)

wp7facebookazure.JPG wp7facebookazure2.JPG

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